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5th December 2023 

About Therapy

Therapy is an opportunity to understand your current difficulties, sometimes linking this to past experiences. You may find yourself caught up in unhelpful patterns of relationships and behaviour or it may be that you are in a crisis or particular transition in your life which needs supporting.

Counselling and psychotherapy can bring about a greater self-awareness through understanding certain processes, which can affect your relationships, everyday thinking and behaviour. The aim of psychotherapy and counselling is to provide a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment in which you can begin to explore freely whatever is uppermost on your mind. Feelings, thoughts, wishes, fears, anxieties, memories and dreams can be explored within the relationship between you and the therapist.

Just as starting therapy can bring about hopes and expectations as well as anxieties so the ending may give rise to equally important feelings, which would need to be recognized and thought about.

The therapeutic process may enable you to arrive at new perspectives making it possible for you to find different ways of coping with difficult life situations and effect changes that can be more helpful to you.

How long Does It Take?<

Both short term and open-ended work is offered, depending on your needs, which will be discussed at the initial consultation. You may have a particular area you wish to focus on which can take a few months. Or you may need to allow at least two years to give yourself time to work with habitual ways of reacting and thinking about yourself and to build the trust needed to confront certain difficulties.

Sessions are usually 50 minutes long, once or twice a week, and at the same time every week.

What is offered:

• Individual counselling /psychotherapy
• Art therapy
• Supervision for clinicians
• Open ended and short term work
• Once weekly or more frequent sessions
• In-depth analytic work